Coil Coating & Galvanising Line Equipment

  • Paint and Passivation Coaters
  • Decoilers
  • Recoilers
  • Bridles
  • Cleaning Tanks
  • Steel Strip Joining Machines
  • Steel Strip Notchers
  • Air Knives
  • Squeegee Rollers
  • Coil Cars
  • Coil Capstan
  • Coil Tilter
  • Belt Wrapper
  • Strip Stitcher 

Converting Equipment

  • Expanding Shafts
  • Chucks, Mechanical and Pneumatic
  • Chopper Fans
  • Shaftless Rewind
  • Surface Rewind
  • Stacker for Rotary Die Cutter
  • Chevron Rollers
  • Bow Rollers
  • Core Cutte

Food Processing Machinery

  • Steam Jacketed Mixers
  • Z Arm Mixers
  • Ribbon Mixers 

Waste Handling – Paper

  • Waste Paper Baling Equipment
  • Cyclones
  • Pneumatic Extraction Systems
  • Hoggers
  • Shredders 

Green Waste Handling and Shredding

  • Shredders
  • Star Screen
  • Disc Screen
  • Complete Turn Key Shredding and Screening Plant 

Laminating Machines

  • Protective Film laminating on to Glass sheet
  • Protective Film Laminating on to Steel
  • Hot Film Laminating 


  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Linear Pneumatic Vibrators
  • Telescopic Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Torque Convertors
  • Intensifiers
  • Design and Manufacture Service
  • Reel Shafts 


  • Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Power Units Designed and Manufactured
  • Maintenance of systems 


  • Design and manufactured
  • Rubber or Urethane coated
  • Cooling or heated
  • Spreader
  • Chevron
  • Grooved
  • Tungsten or Ceramic coated
  • Bow Rollers

Steel Coil, Strip Processing and Coating lines

  • Paint Machines
  • Chemical Coaters
  • Steel Strip Stitcher-Joiner
  • Steel Strip Notcher
  • Coil Cars and Transporters
  • Coil Capstans
  • Drive Bridles
  • Steering Units and Accumulators
  • Payoff and Rewind Units
  • Brush Scrubber
  • Strip cleaning and Oil Separation Tanks
  • Stitcher
  • Paint and chemical stirring and pumping systems
  • Ovens
  • Quench tanks
  • Short run mini-Coating lines
  • Galvanizing Process Coating equipment.
  • Belt wrapping
  • Air Knives 

Paint Coating Machines

EEL is a supplier of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Coil Coating equipment. We design and manufacture Primer and finish Paint Coaters at our premises and install into customers new and existing process lines worldwide. 

We supply ‘S-Wrap’, ‘U-Wrap’, ‘C-Wrap and Vertical coaters with 2 or 3 metering rollers utilizing many different paint mediums:

  • Acrylics
  • Silicon
  • Polyester
  • Lacquers
  • Water Borne Paint

Paint thickness can be gauged by manual or Electro servo in conjunction with a digital display. 

Chemical Coating Machines

We design and manufacture Horizontal and Vertical Coaters for Steel Pre-Treatment and for Anti-fingerprint protection.

Steel Strip Stitcher Joiner

The Equipment Engineering Strip Joiner is a robust, low maintenance unit, capable of joining strip up to 3mm thick in 7 seconds.

The machine comes complete with a hydraulic power unit, which is integral with the machine or customers supply can be integrated.

EE manufactures the Strip Joiners to suit individual client specifications.

  • Pass Line Height
  • Single Stitch
  • Double Stitch
  • Strip width
  • Fast, easy Die Set change
  • Single Stitch with Longitudinal indexing so as to achieve Double Stitch
  • Hydraulic power Unit or clients supply
  • Strip Centring device and sliding base
  • EE can supply control to client preferred brand
  • Hole Punch included for Strip Detection

The stitch pattern of the EE Strip Joiner is the Arrow shape, which inherently produces strong, robust, flat joints.

Die maintenance is minimised by the design and stringent choice of materials. A testimony to this is that no customer in 13 years has reported the need to sharpen a die set.

The Strip Joiner is manufactured to a category 2 safety standard.

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